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making sense out of mobile noise

The mobile microcosm is in a constant state flux. Robust tech from Silicon Valley competes equally against leaner innovations from emerging countries. Hardware releases from Apple, Samsung or ZTE can legitimize or kill hard-fought industry standards in days. And new riffs on software or strategies push the limits of the most battle-hardened professionals.

The critical breadcrumbs you need to know not get lost in mobile are a solid understanding of your users, the willingness to experiment and a grasp of what data matters and when it matters.

Frankly, it’s more than building a @#$%! mobile app that no one needs.

Here’s where to start:

Mobile Audits: [EXPAND >>>]

You don’t know your users as well are you think. Mobile audits review existing assets and plans, interview teams and key users and uncovers other information needed provide a foundation for an effective mobile strategy.

Mobile Strategies: [EXPAND >>>]

Mobile has evolved beyond marketing tools to impacting departments across your organization from HR to operations.

Good audits will show you what your users need and where to start, but mobile strategies show the journeys your users will take, set critical goals, and roadmaps the techniques and technologies to integrate mobile throughout your organization.


Mobile Labs: [EXPAND >>>]

Integrating mobile doesn’t stop at implementation. Mobile labs tests paths, technologies and variances to see what unique mix works your specific sets of users. It could be using QR codes to bind your print to online. Your HR department could leverage SMS for key benefits reminders. And operations might use NFC to optimize workflows.

These examples are not endpoints, but beginnings for your organization. Experimenting with your mobile mixes, analyzing the data and scaling up what works provides you with a consistently clear path through the noisy mobile ecosystem.


Good strategists often started elsewhere and bring that experience to mobile. As a tech marketer with over 15 years of experience, I also offer:

Marketing Strategies: [EXPAND >>>]

Too many companies tend to be Ready-Fire-Aim with their marketing. Without a clear understanding of your target market and their pains, your marketing efforts – be they product development or promotions focused – will be reactionary or worse, driven by a sales guy. A solid marketing strategy doesn’t take 50 pages of research and detail plans, but it takes more than gut feeling and a few assumptions.

Whether launching a company or rolling-out a new product, a well-conceived and  executed strategy is often beyond the reach and internal resources of many companies for one key reason: a loss of perspective. I help you regain your focus on the target market that drives revenue.


Mentoring: [EXPAND >>>]

Everyone needs a mentor, if not a dozen. The hundreds of distractions of your work day can drain focus and put you on a path of dangerous tangents.

I can help you keep it together. Mentoring is an inexpensive way to move your efforts forward through advice, feedback, ideas and quick work. In-person or Skype sessions will work within your schedule, and can when you need them most.